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v Glentoran (home) - drew 0-0

posted 27 Aug 2013, 15:29 by Stephen M   [ updated 2 Sept 2013, 10:26 ]
A lot of ifs, buts and maybes after this result but the most startling statistic is that we are rooted to the bottom of the league table. Never before, certainly in the writers life-time, have we been in such a position and it is the utmost embarrassment of a club of our reputation to be in such a position. Don't be fooled by the 'we couldn't have had a harder start' excuses and 'we'll soon climb the table' - we just aren't good enough and it is a sad state of affairs that we had only around 1700 supporters in the stadium in a crowd of around 2900. If the malaise carries on how many more will be lost until something happens?
On the match itself, yes we were unfortunate not to win but you make your own luck in this game.