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Portadown (Away) - lost 0-2

posted 11 Sept 2011, 06:32 by Stephen M   [ updated 17 Sept 2011, 11:48 ]
Yes we played poorly for significant parts of this game, yes we should have put the match to bed in the first half, yes our midfield, which should have been our strength, underperformed but my God when you get decision making like we had from the referee it's no wonder the heads went down. We as the paying punters deserve to have a decent product served up to us but that also applies to the officials - they got a significant pay rise a few years back but even if you paid them £1000 per match it won't change the fact that they are rank poor and we complained all those years ago about the likes of Snoddy and co! We were denied two blatant penalties in the first half and then Portadown were awarded a very soft penalty. Apart from that we had a number of chances and how we didn't score I don't know. One thing is for sure there has to be a concerted effort in training on the taking of free-kicks, I can't remember a decent free-kick taker in our team with maybe the exception of Tony Gorman and how many years ago is that?