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Glenavon (Home) - 0-0 (lost on penalties)

posted 8 Oct 2011, 10:45 by Stephen M   [ updated 13 Oct 2011, 14:26 ]
Yet again another Jekyl and Hyde performance in a season that has seen us, up to now, not having any consistancy which in turn we never know which team is going to turn up. True we commanded 95 per cent of the game but if you can't turn your domination into goals then there is an underlying problem. We certainly didn't over-work the keeper and what clear chances we had he dealt with well including an excellent save near the end when we were all on our feet cheering that all elusive goal (or so we thought). Strange formation tonight with Rory Patterson starting up front and then being pulled out to the right hand side of midfield with Michael Carvill and Mark McAllister playing up front. Need to get the proverbial finger out for next Monday's game at the Oval.