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HISTORY (1933 - current)


Since the Clubs formation back in 1933 it has been at the forefront of the Linfield support in the East End of the City and is one of the most active of all the Linfield Supporters’ Clubs.

The Club, which sits once a month in the newly refurbished Lagan Village Glasgow Rangers Supporters’ Club, has a thriving membership of 60 members (of which 10 are junior members). It was the generosity, in no small measure, of the Lagan Village RSC in the mid 1970’s that helped keep the Club afloat for which it will always be grateful. Prior to this the club had struggled to keep in existence. Following on from the start of the ‘Troubles’ in 1969 the Clubs’ membership dwindled to a low point of twelve but with finding its new home there came a renewed interest and the Club has gone from strength to strength.

East End is honoured to have as President, Terry Hayes, who is a former member and Management Committee member Stephen Dickson as Vice President. Another former member of the Club is current Management Committee member David Strain.

Currently enjoying a highly successful period in the Clubs history a celebratory 75th year dinner dance was held in the Windsor Park Viewing Lounge in October 2008 attended by team manager David Jeffrey and a number of Management Committee members and team staff. This was the same venue that the Club celebrated its 50th anniversary, in March 1983, with a high profile dinner dance. Among the 160 members and guests present that evening was Linfield officials and players and the then East End chairman, John McMaster, presented the parent club with an inscribed club which still adorns the President’s Lounge.

When the membership was flailing buses were shared with other clubs in the area, namely the Belmont and Raven, to help keep costs down but for a number of years now the Club has regularly run buses to all Linfield away games outside the Belfast City boundary and regularly have numbers in excess of 40 for each trip.

Close links are kept with the other two main supporters clubs in the area the Raven and Belmont and it is hoped that different events will be jointly held throughout 2011 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the formation of the parent club.

East End has proudly kept the Blue Flag flying in East Belfast for 77 years and no doubt will continue to remain one of Linfield's leading supporters' clubs for years to come.



Recently re-established Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year awards were awarded at a very successful awards night held at the Lagan Village Rangers Supporters Club in May 2010. Winners of the inaugural awards for the 2009-2010 season were;

Player of the Year: Jamie Mulgrew

Young Player of the Year: Billy Joe Burns

Check out the Gallery section for some photos of the awards night.




A special award was presented to Noel Bailie for his outstanding service to Linfield Football Club over the past 20 years racking up over 1000 games; a remarkable achievement that is unlikely ever to be surpassed by any player with any club.